Simple Breakfast Ideas

Simple Breakfast Ideas For A Lazy Day | Sharon Madonna

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. This might not be everyone’s favorite dish  as everyone has their favorite. Personally, dinner is my favorite meal of the day and I consider it as the most important meal.

On a lazy day, you don’t want to go all extra as you have no urge to cook. And we all know once you’re not in a mood to cook, the meal always turns out terrible.

Simple Breakfast Ideas

Toasted bread is always the easiest to make as you just pop it in the toaster or use a non stick pan to roast them.

For eggs, you could go for scrambled, fried or boiled as they’re not only quick and easy to prepare but also of nutritional value.

For beverages, you could easily go from fresh juice, coffee or lemon tea as they’re easy to prepare especially if you don’t want to move a finger, you could easily use a coffee maker or pop your water in the microwave for lemon tea.

You could top it up with sausages or bacon and fruits according to your preference.

Eat away 🙂

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