It was not all rosy. Akothee narrates painful past with her first Mzungu baby daddy.

Looking at the life of the mother of five now, one cannot fail but be envious of musician Akothee’s wealth, numerous properties and even the expensive lifestyle she provides her children while living as a single mother.
However, many fail to see the problems and heartaches she has had to endure as she struggled over the years to give herself and her kids a comfortable life.
In one of her recent social media posts,  the ‘muje’ hit maker narrated to her fans the relationship problems she faced during her fourth pregnancy when expecting her first mixed-race son Ojwang with her mzungu baby daddy whom she refers to as Mr R.
Many of her friends back then used to envy her for landing a white man without knowing that their relationship was barely hanging by a thread.
They lived in the same house but papa Ojwang was hardly ever around to show her love and shower her with attention. He always arrived home late at night and even when they went shopping together,  he would be embarrassed of her and would walk metres away from her.
“Women were jealous of me after I snatched papa Ojwang. They never knew the sleepless nights I had. I was craving for him to even hold my hands while going shopping at the then Nakumatt but he would walk 10 meters away from me. He also came home at 2.00am even after I struggled to cook for him.”
Akothee continued narrating how one time she decided to follow him as he left late in the night to try and figure out where he went to at such odd hours.
Her quest was unsucessful but the following morning, she went on to find an opened pack of condoms in his wallet proving her suspicions.
“One night after he went out at 11.00 pm, I followed him to Mtwapa. He parked his car in the vichochoro and I did not see where he disappeared to. I lost hope and went back home with my dry tongue, throat and empty stomach as it was scary to just park there when I was 6 months pregnant. He came home at about 5.00 am and I could hear him hide something under our bed. So in the morning I asked for his wallet for cash only to find out the remaining condoms from the previous act.”
This left madam boss with a broken heart but she dared not do anything as she loved papa Ojwang dearly and was afraid of losing him.
“I wanted to beat him up but I was afraid that he would leave for good. I loved him so much so I would cry and pick up next strength.”
This unpleasant experience however served as a good lesson to the famous songstress who vowed never to chase any man for his love again.
She was also glad that her heartbreak back then did not push her to do anything dangerous to herself like committing suicide.
“Chasing a man for love and attention ended with Mr R. Now I better use that energy to fight for rice in funerals and weddings.”