7 Kenyan Teenage Girls Reported Missing After Fake Job Advert

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As of November 14, 2020, seven Kenyan teenage girls have been reported missing without a trace. The seven teenagers aged 16-years  allegedly left their homes in Komarock estate of the aforementioned date after receiving a fake casting call from an untraceable American phone number.

“Shanise Ndunge Muoka Missing. The call was for an opportunity to audition for an undisclosed role. The call was made from +176896663236.” Reads a poster

In a video shared by one of the victim’s cousins on social media, one of the missing teenagers has been identified as Shanise Ndunge Muoka and reports indicate that the girls were last seen in Komarock, Nairobi with a Caucasian male while others also claim that the girls were seen ferried to Mombasa.

As her cousin Yvette appealed for assistance through the widely circulated video, Shanise Ndunge’s cousin added that the girls could have been sex trafficked and the teenager was a form one student from Chogoria Girls.

The family is now seeking help from Kenyans to help find the girls who have not turned up for 6 days now.

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has been sought to help locate the teenagers.

Yvette added that as the number was being tracked on Thursday, it revealed that its owner was traveling towards Mombasa and the family added they suspect the US phone number could have been generated by the perpetrator to conceal his/her real identity.

“We are very worried after her disappearance because she is a minor and does not have any identification documents so she can easily be trafficked out of the country.

“She left the house at night on Saturday and used the mum’s phone to call the international number because her phone was confiscated by the parents so we cannot even reach her,” she explained

The cousin also mentioned that they doubt the credibility of the job advertisement after the anonymous company failed to involve the parents as she was a minor that could not sign a contract without her parent’s approval.

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“I had doubts because she said she signed some documents yet she is underage. If it was a legitimate organization they would have talked to the parents first,” said Yvette.

Yvette concluded that her cousin Shanice Ndunge came to know of the opportunity from her friends and the case has since been recorded at a local police station.

In September, US Trafficking in Persons Report 2020, placed Kenya on the list of countries with the worst human trafficking trends in the world.

The report indicated that Finland and Somaliland are some additional countries of origin of victims while Ethiopia, Namibia, Thailand, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, and Rwanda are additional destinations.

Kenya is on the other hand, used as a transit point for the new entrants.

In another report released in October, 17 transit routes used to smuggle victims through Kenya from other countries were identified.

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They included Busia, Nambale, Rongo, and Malaba (western Kenya bordering Uganda), Garissa, Moyale, Mandera, Kismayo, Liboi and Marsabit (North Eastern Kenya bordering Somalia and Ethiopia), Mwingi and Isiolo in the eastern part connected to the northern frontier. Other routes identified are Isebania, Namanga, Kwale, Taveta, and Mombasa (connecting Kenya to Tanzania).

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