“70,000 KShs Is 102 Bags Of Cement,” Akothee Regrets Spending That Much On Drinking Escapedes.

Earlier last week singer Esther Akothee expressed her relief from the Corona Virus regulations that saw the country close down clubs and bars in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Confessing to have wasted too much money on her friends who she claims not to extend the same gesture when it come to her.

“The days people used to drink me, I would walk into a club with a gang of people, yet I am the woman, I would end up swiping my cards nothing less than 70,000 ksh. Just imagine all this people who used to drink me, none of them has bought me even cigarettes,” she wrote to her Instagram accompanying a video post of the mother of 5 looking fit as she busted a few moves.

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She went on to warn the group of friends that when the President allows the clubs to reopen they should return the favor including paying for her uber. Also adding to her frustration, she goes on to make calculations for the amount of money she allegedly would have squandered were it not for the curfew and lockdown rules.

“When the clubs open this time round, just know you have to pay for everything including my Uber, people have drunk me shaa. If I went out 12 times in a year since Only went out once a month that’s 840,000 ksh, all this is in the toilet now. Thank you for curfew and lockdown, some of us were taken for a ride,” Akothee wrote.

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This was in wake of fellow artist, Khaligraph Jones writing to the President requesting that he re opens the clubs so that the entertainment industry can get back to work. Promising that they would take necessary precautions to stop the spread of the virus. However his plea certainly did not reach the President as he extended the directives for a further 30 days.