A construction worker lands a recording deal after going viral

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Jamsta went viral

On Monday, August 17, a viral video of a construction worker circulated on social media after he sang to D Major’s Girl of My Dreams and caught the eyes of netizens.

The talented man who has been identified as  Jamsta, left Kenyans impressed with the strong vocal abilities that he showcased during his busy day at the construction site. The video which he recorded during his working hours went viral and Jamsta is thankful for the recognition he received.

He innocently recorded the video and shared it on Twitter only to realize hours later that it was being widely circulated. Among those who promoted him are well-known artists and comedians.

Jamsta’s successful video went viral and even caught the eye of legendary music producer  Tim Rimbui who contacted him with an enticing offer after checking out the viral video online.

Look for me we record something, your great voice can open some doors and secure you a bag. Look for me,Producer Rimbui wrote on his social media

Sharing his excitement over the new opportunity, the talented musician expressed his hope in bagging more opportunities in future as well.

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Speaking to local publications, Jamsta says his love for music has always been alive since 2010 while he was in high school. Due to the harsh economic times, the upcoming artist did random jobs like construction work and touting to put food on his table.

I’ve always loved music, even when I was young I remember going through the song lyrics they used to publish in the newspaper. So I can say I was passionate. But it wasn’t until 2010 when I was in high school that one day I woke up at 3 am and started singing. I realized that day that my voice sounded different.

At some point in his life, he realised his voice could take him places and began doing random videos.

Construction work is one of many things I’ve been doing. I’ve taken on other jobs in movie shops and even as a matatu tout among others,he revealed.

Excited that the viral video has opened doors for him, Jamsta hopes to grow as an upcoming artist in the music industry.

When I recorded the video I was doing it for the sheer joy of it.I hope more chances come.

Check him out below;

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