“A marriage councillor and both my exes will be involved!” Eric Omondi on Wife Material season 2.

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Comedian Eric Omondi is relentless with his search for a wife and since he was not lucky enough to settle down from the first season of Wife Material show, he will soon introduce the second season of the same. Speaking to a source, the funnyman revealed that he plans to have a family before he clocks 40 years. He went on to add that Wife Material season 1 had him believing that he could indeed find the woman of his life just easily.

Eric Omondi with Wife Material contestants

He, however, noted that he intends to change the game with the second season in that he will introduce an age limit to all the 15 contestants of the show and that they will be entitled to their privacies in the bedroom and bathroom in order to attract seriousness. He went on to disclose that he will also bring in marriage councilors and two of his exes, Chantal Grazioli and Jacque Maribe, who will be tasked to familiarize the contestants with Eric’s interests from their experiences.

Eric Omondi

“I turning 40 soon by now I should have a family, I realized during the shoot of wife material, ‘wait I can actually get a wife like this!’ But this is how I want to meet my wife. This time I want contestants who are over 23 years and above from East Africa. I will have 15 ladies in a house. This time there will be no cameras in the bedroom or bathroom. We will have marriage councilors, and my two exes will also come, Chantel and Maribe to come to talk to the girls,” Eric disclosed.

Chantal Grazioli and ex-Eric Omondi

He continued, “They will come and say what I like, what I eat yaani, everything they know about me.”

Eric further revealed that he has been unlucky with love such that all his exes from his University days are all married.

I started looking for my exes from Daystar and they are all married that was in 2014. We were friends and had a history,” he said.


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