Alaaa! Michelle Ntalami blasted on social media for exploiting Kenyan businesses

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Michelle Ntalami is Being Blasted on Social Media [Photo; Instagram]
Famous digital influencer and Marini Naturals founder Michelle Ntalami on Tuesday shared a long post with a list of demands from small business owners who would come together and give her the birthday of her dreams.

According to the entrepreneur, she required service providers and retailers to collaboratively come up with her dream birthday at no cost and in exchange, she would shout out the businesses to her Instagram followers which would translate to more bookings or sales on their end.

“Hey hey fam! Y’all already know every year for my birthday in June I do a kick ass photoshoot.☺️ This year I want to make it a little different. We always expect to receive love and gifts on our birthdays. But this time, that’s exactly what I want to give back. You guys have always loved and supported both @marini.naturals and I throughout my business journey, and now I’m paying it forward. I’d like to wear and promote Kenyan brands and businesses for my photoshoot! 🙌🏾🇰🇪I’m calling it #MyMadeInKe Birthday!😊🎁

This is a pro-bono shoot for all the brands and people I will partner with! (I.e no charges) I only get to keep the items that I like, or whatever you choose to bless me with from your collection!😊 I’ve already got the concept, so all I need is the awesome team and brands to put it all together!🌟”

But is the deal really fair?

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Michelle Ntalami is Being Blasted on Social Media [Photo ; Instagram]
While justifying her reasons for such an entitled move, which has been received quite negatively, Ntalami claimed to want to give back to society by wearing and promoting Kenyan brands.

She also disclaimed that it would be absolutely free and that she would be paying by exposure and people are wondering why Kenyan celebrities and influencers always so entitled and lovers of freebies. She added;


– Photographer
– MakeUp Artist
– Personal Stylist and Shopper (must be super thorough in sourcing everything we’d need)
– Shoes/FMBoots
– Fedoras and hats
– Bespoke/Tailored outfits
– Lingerie & Shapewear
– Unique/over-the-top headwear, jewelry and accessories
– Hairstyling and elegant wigs
– 4-5 Star Hotel, Luxury Residence or Suites.

If you fall under any of these categories, or know someone/a brand that does, please tag them and below ensuring that they’re already down to do this, and send me a DM on the same expressing your interest.”

Michelle explained that for her birthday, she would be choosing the outfits, travel packages, make-up artists, and photographers that she likes and thus people should bring their A-game and what she likes, she gets to keep without question.

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”As you guys already know my standards are always A1, so make sure by the time you’re signing up you’re up to the task! 😉 Final decisions on my team I’ll work with will be made by this Wednesday.. so let’s gooo!🙌🏾😊”

Well, this did not sit well with hardworking Kenyans who claimed that exposure has and will never be a source of income because they have invested a lot to see their business come a long way.

Some even went ahead to condemn her saying that she is very insensitive for taking peoples’ hard work for a ride all the name of celebrating her 37th birthday and making matters worse, she has ordered businesses to bring their best game so that she picks what she likes.

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“It’s the Entitlement for us” Netizens concluded and since then Michelle has deactivated the comments section of her post since her followers feel  that she had the motive of exploiting the small business owners .

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