“Amebaki kichwa tu!” Zari Hassan mocks Wema Sepetu’s weight loss.

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Bongo artist Diamond Platnumz’s ex-girlfriends Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu are back at throwing jabs at each other for the umpteenth time. Zari Hassan this time around initiated the fiery exchange of words after she was made aware of certain ill remarks that were made by Wema Sepetu a few weeks ago by one of her fans looking to stir things up between the two.


According to the fan, Wema had talked ill about Zari weeks after the latter called out Wema for attention-seeking all in the name of losing her pet dog, Manunu. It is for this reason, that the fan sought to get a response from the mother of 2 of Diamond Platnumz’s children.

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Zari wee mbwa wako hajapotea kama was Wema? alafu Wema alikujibu vibaya Boss lady,” the fan wrote.


In her response, Zari savagely hit back at the former Miss Tanzania, who has lost so much weight in recent days volunteering, to donate her some food. She claimed that Wema is only bad-mouthing her because she is starving saying that what is left of her once voluptuous body is just her head.K


It’s Ramadhan na natoa msaada. She could use some free food, naona kabakishwa kichwa tu. Iyo ni nja, let her eat some food she will be fine,” Zari fired shots at Wema Sepetu.

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Wema Sepetu before and after

In a quick rejoinder, the renowned Tanzanian actress, who started her weight loss journey in 2018 after undergoing cosmetic surgery; liposuction in India, hit back at Zari targeting her age. Subtly throwing shade at Zari’s age, Wema claimed that she in her upbringing was always taught not to argue with her elders.


“Kugombana na watu wazima ni kujitaftia laana… Na mimi nina heshima sana kwa wakubwa zangu… Pia ni msikivu… nafanyia kazi ushauri…” hit back Wema Sepetu.


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