“Amenona Kama Jerican!” Eric Omondi Disses Khaligraph Jones.

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Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed the inspiration behind his transformed body. According to him, he felt challenged after an incident that happened in Kisumu between him and hip hop artist Khaligraph Jones. Sharing the video from the event, Eric Omondi revealed that he felt disrespected by Khaligraph in front of the over 3,000 people when he’d gone to exchange his microphone with that of the rapper following a malfunction.

However, OG instead of thanking him lifted him owing to his skinny body. Since then he felt the need to acquire muscles to avoid such an embarrassment again. In the lengthy post, Eric went on to challenge Khaligraph to show off his shirtless body or try lifting him once again. He further declared himself the most built artist in Kenya at the moment.

Many people have been asking me why I decided to build muscles. So here is the story. Last year during a concert in Kisumu in which I was the Master of Ceremony and @khaligraph_jones was performing. After I  introduced him to the stage to hand him my microphone… As they say asante ya punda ni mateke (juu huyu mtu nayo ni matako ya punda) Instead of saying thank you he decided to embarrass me by lifting me up and down in front of about 3000 of my fans,” the comedian narrated.

He continued, “But Mungu ni nani? And Karma is a bi**h saizi mtu amenona kama jerican an tumbo kubwa an mafuta tupu… mpaka siku ile atakua an confident kutoa shati ndio tunaeza ongea… Kuna tafauti kubwa sanaa ya kuunga na kunona. I am the most built artist in Kenya right now!!! Mwambieni akuje ajaribu kunibeba saizi kama ni mwanaume. Pugaa.”

Khaligraph responded to the challenge claiming that he dies not see any change with his body as he still skinny compared to him. “Hahaha si tutaftane tuone ju sai umeshona tuone nani atainua mwingine sababu sioni any difference, alafu hauna abs, ungepata abs kwanza ndio uanze kutoa shati,” he clapped back.

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