Anerlisa Muigai Hints Her Biggest Fear After Giving Birth

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Nero company owner Anerlisa Muigai has mentioned one of her worst weight-related fears once she becomes a mother one day.

According to Keroche Heiress who is best identified with her killer curves and sexy figure, she fears letting herself go and gaining excess weight as soon as she starts having children with her Tanzanian hubby Benpol.

Her remarks are not uncommon to hear, as the correlation between body weight and self-esteem is an issue many ladies struggle with and Anerlisa is not an exception when it comes to this.

Taking her concerns to Instagram, the Tanzanian-based business lady while referencing her lean body wrote;

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“My biggest fear is after giving birth, will I go back to this? Daah the way I have seen people blow up, I am even scared,” she lamented.


Most women after giving birth struggle with post-baby weight and Anerlisa’s future concerns are validated since she once suffered from Obesity and low self-esteem.

As she once mentioned, the curvy queen disclosed that she hated her previous weight and physique to a point of affecting her self-esteem and body image.

“This weight gain had brought my self-esteem down but when I remember that I did it for a reason, it keeps me going also, the fact that in am not doing it alone keeps me motivated.” She told her fans.

The 32- year old in the past spoke of her battle with weight from yoyo-dieting, juicing, fad diets, and joining an unsuccessful weight loss camp that brought forth minimal results.

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Following her weight loss transformation, she has become a household name as millions draw inspiration from her remarkable journey.

We can only hope that her biggest fear doesn’t come to life but as they say, weight loss and maintenance require consistency and discipline whether children are involved or not.

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