“Asante, wacha nijinyonge!” Zari Hassan responds to a fan on Tanasha Donna’s visit to Tanzania.

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Time and time again South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has proved to be a no-nonsense woman on social media. The mother of five is always ready with clap backs at trolls who come for either her or her family often reminding them of their place in society.

With the recent incognito visit of Diamond Platnumz’s ex-girlfriend Tanasha Donna to Tanzania, a fan thought it wise to inform Zari of the latest development in the country that she once regarded as her home having stayed in Tanzania for the better part of her relationship with the bongo crooner. The fan took to Zari’s comment section and informed her that Tanasha had visited Tanzania in the company of her son, whom she shares with Diamond Platnumz, in a bid to attract Zari’s comment on the subject.

However, the fan was not definitely not prepared for what was coming as Zari chose to instead remind the fan of the importance of minding one’s business. Sarcastically Zari enquired from the fan what she was supposed to do with the unsolicited information. She went on to state that Diamond Platnumz had every right to be around his other kids and that he was not restricted to hers only.

Zari tanasha nae kaleta mtoto unasikiaje ukoo ulpoo,” posed a fan.

In response, Zari wrote, “asante kwa umbea… wacha nijinyonge… learn to mind your business. Mwanaume si yuna watoto wengine. Smh!

Notably, Tanasha landed in Tanzania yesterday for what she claimed to be a music project that she was working on with celebrated female artist Nandy. She disclosed to the Tanzanian media that despite the fact that she was on a business trip, she would also take that chance to reunite her son Naseeb Junior with his estranged father Diamond Platnumz. Furthermore, Tanasha hopes that during her short visit to the country she will be able to link up with Hamisa Mobetto, her friend, who is also Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama.

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