Azziad Nasenya Explains How She Contemplated Suicide After Viral ‘Utawezana’ Video

Fast-rising actress Azziad Nasenya has come clean on contemplating suicide barely a few days after going viral on Tik Tok.
Opening up on the situation with Kiss FM Presenter Jalang’o, the 20-year-old said she was getting too much hate from netizens that she thought of committing suicide.

”Hiyo thought ilipita kwa akili yangu… It did. You know you’re 19 and you’re living on your own you’ve not done anything wrong, just what you love doing and all of a sudden people start hating on you for no particular reason,” she said.

The Tik Tok queen further revealed that on the fateful day she went viral, her phone was constantly beeping with notifications and numerous phone calls both on WhatsApp and on a normal call with over 5,000 missed calls on a single day.

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According to Azziad, handling the barrage of messages proved to be challenging and as a result, she disconnected her data and switched off her device to ease the anxiety that came with going viral.

Adding that she does not consider herself as a celebrity Azziad emphasized that she hates it when her fans call her one or treat her like a celebrity.

When asked if she is humble, Azziad failed to respond stating that she will leave the question for her fans to answer.

“I have never thought of myself as famous. I always pray to God for humility. I’m not in a position to answer if I’m humble or not, that’s for the people to do.

“But personally, I can say that I have never seen myself as a celebrity. I see myself as Azziad and I don’t like it when I go hang out with people and they are like oh Azziad, Azziad. I’m just a normal person,” she said.

The lass further revealed she was forced to delete her Twitter account due to the intensity of the hate comments that surface on the social media platform.

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“When I started, I had something in mind, I had my career to work on and every single thing, so I also didn’t lose that and my manager who has been in the industry for so long also advised me na kuniambia hate comments you don’t reply to them, this is how you go about it.

“Focus on yourself. I deleted twitter till now I don’t have it. Because I’m so positive and with all this positivity and bubbliness,” she said.

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