“Before I Knew It I Was Pregnant!” Diana Marua’s Sister Opens Up On Teen Pregnancy.

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Diana Marua’s sister, Michelle, has narrated her journey as a teen mom. Michelle who is Diana’s last born sister was pregnant with twins at just the age of 19. According to her, she had met a “fine boy” during her second year at Kenyatta University and she was ignorant to the existence of contraceptives claiming that she believed they were meant for older women.

My first year at Kenyatta University went smoothly and then in second year your girl met a very fine boy. Fast forward to a little time later on, we used to close school and I’d go to Diana’s place and spend like a day and then go to my boo’s house and ask Diana to cover for me in case my dad called. Before I knew it, I was pregnant.,” she told Diana.

Adding, “The thing about the current time we are living in is that there so much information about contraceptives, family planning and all of that. When I was in that space I didn’t think of contraceptives because I was just 19. I thought those things are for people who are 45 or something.”

Michelle went on to disclose that she didn’t know how to break the news of her pregnancy to her baby daddy. However, when she did, her baby who is now her husband, welcomed the news contrary to her expectation. She would have to drop out of school to take care of the pregnancy.

Opening up on my pregnancy was the hardest conversation… I came to your place and was moody and puking all over. My stomach was somehow swollen and she asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes. Then now after that, I told my baby daddy Ian and he was so shocked and disappointed but I thank God for him because God gave us that grace and he accepted because I know there are so many deadbeats out here who impregnate girls and don’t take responsibility,” Michelle revealed.

Michelle is now a makeup artist and has a message for her younger self, “Looking back if I were to speak to my younger self I would tell her to just chill. The guy is cute but take your time.”

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