Big Machine! Meet 7 Kenyan Celebrities With The Biggest Behinds

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In the African setting, a woman with a pair of well-rounded buttocks can be a man-magnet depending on the eyes of the beholder of course!

Although the issue of a  big derriere can be a subject of debate amongst men, most agree that ‘big machines’  always break necks whenever they walk by the streets or a public area.

It is not uncommon to see a segment of women with average-sized curves, by all means, trying to get that desired hourglass figure and bigger buttocks.

Kenyan Socialites are known for flaunting what they got aggressively.

Although beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, take a look at Kenyan female celebs with awesome body parts leaving tongues wagging and giving men sleepless nights!

Vera Sidika

Topping the list is controversial socialite Vera Sidika because she carries a behind for days! Through her curves and tiny waist, Vera Sidika has easily managed to capitalize on the spotlight to point of making a name for herself.

Funny thing, the 31-year-old lass quickly shot to fame because of her succulent derriere when she decided to try her luck as a video vixen on the song “you guys” by P-Unit. The club banger put her on the Kenyan map as she went on to appear on other music videos.

However, some netizens strongly argue that that Sidika’s curves and cuteness were made on earth and she nothing close to natural.

Take a look!

Corazon Kwamboka

When it comes to her curves, the 29-year-old has become an internet sensation by topping the list of the most curvaceous ladies in Africa.

Not only is she hippy and well rounded at the back, but Corazon Kwamboka is also impressively all-natural compared to Vera Sidika who has been accused of enhancing her goodies by going under the knife.

The socialite also attained her fame when her raunchy photos went viral on social media and sent drooling tongues from the “Mafisi community” wagging.

Grace Msalame

Grace is known for pushing the fashion boundaries by advocating for body positivity and plus size fashion.

A quick look at her style screams all plus size women can easily get away with the tendency of slaying curves tastefully and sophisticatedly and her body con dresses usually unveil her beautiful curves.

Her God-given curves are a force to reckon with and she is truly a breath of fresh air!

Kamene Goro

Back in her Ebru TV days as a news anchor, the plus-size lass made news after anchoring news with her wide set of hips.

This beautiful lady is never shy to flaunt what she got and she occasionally steps out in fitting clothes leaving admirers lusting for her succulent thighs.

However, the Kiss 100 media personality has been castigated for putting on too much weight over the years since she quit TV.

What do you think?

Avril Nyambura

The voluptuous beauty is a veteran singer, songwriter and actress and her curves can’t be resisted! If you have been closely following Avril’s musical journey through the years, then her great figure is something hard to forget.

The mother of one has been looking sexy and curvy and the older she gets, the more pronounced the goodies become. Avril is the real deal when it comes to hips don’t lie!

Her tantalizing hourglass figure has been the talk of the town ever since her Ogopa Dj days!

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Pierra Makena

The sexy female entertainer Pierra Makena, is a well-known DJ actress and creative.

The mother of one is one of those media personalities that possess divine hips that speak nothing but the truth!

However, at one point she was body-shamed for putting on too much weight after welcoming her daughter some years back.

Putting her words into actions, Makena has lost over 27 kgs after an initial 95kgs after giving birth and has scaled down to 65 kgs.

Risper Faith

Besides killing men with her charming looks, Risper is a former reality star from the Nairobi Diaries and she is one of the most well-endowed socialites in Kenya!

Not only does she boast great curves but also a cute face and an equally snatched waistline.

In terms of goodies, Risper closely trails Vera Sidika and Corazon and most of the time steps out in amazing outfits.

As she once said, her voluptuous body makes her attractive and she never goes unnoticed when she passes by.

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