Burma Market. Best Place to Buy Meat in Nairobi?

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I find myself writing weird posts sometimes, but, ironically, I feel like these are some of the things I would have loved to know when I was going through this experience.

My sister runs a food delivery business @Donn’s Food and there was a time she really needed to get meat in bulk and at an affordable price since she would be selling meat-based dishes.

At first, we used to buy meat at City Market at a butchery called Kamundia Butchery. I’ve just done a quick Google search and was surprised to find out that they have a website. This particular butchery at City Market is usually very busy and the meat moves really fast. This formed our basis for trusting them since you can have some level of guarantee that they will have fresh stock and not stock that’s been around for a few days. I won’t list the actual prices of the meat since it changes a lot, but compared to your local estate butchery, it could be slightly cheaper. If you’re buying in bulk, you’re more likely to reap the benefits, if you’re buying less than 5 Kg, I’m not sure if it will be worth the effort of going to town just to buy meat, perhaps if you were already in town and you just pass by.

When the business needs grew even further, we needed to get a larger stock of meat and at an even cheaper price. This, plus the fact that we consume a lot of meat at home. Enters the Burma market. A friend of hers recommended that she can get meat at Burma at a very reasonable price, coupled with the fact that she buys in bulk, it could be a game-changer for her.

For those of you who don’t know where Burma Market is, it’s just before the City Stadium roundabout along Jogoo Road. I’ve attached a Google Map pin here for you to consider.

If you’re going via private means, there’s a ‘parking lot’ before the market where you can park your vehicle. The downside is that there are some youth who insist on washing your vehicle if you’re going to be parking at the spot. You can consider this to be your parking fee. Upside, this makes the parking a little more secure as there are always people watching out for what’s going on. The wash goes for only KShs 100 at the time of writing this post, and it’s a decent job, so I have no objections on that front.

When you approach the gate, you’ll see all the delivery vehicles and motorbikes that are bringing in meat from various sources. I often hear that there are some people who don’t wash their meat before cooking. I think those people should see how it’s handled for them to make an informed decision. You’ll see people who aren’t necessarily the cleanest dressed carrying the meat on their backs, shoulders etc. Some of the delivery vehicles also look suspicious in terms of hygiene. We move on regardless.

The smell around the market isn’t that strong, although this is subjective since I don’t have a sensitive nose. Cleanliness around the market is variable. Some stalls are clean and very presentable while others are just an eyesore. I would stay away from any stall that doesn’t look neat.

The stall we visited was stall 137, just look at the numbers at the top of the stall to find this specific one if you’re interested. If you’re going to target this recommendation, you’ll have to be very assertive when searching, since all the different vendors will try and lure you to buy from them. If you’re not assertive, you’ll end up falling into one of these stalls. Not that there’s something wrong with the other stalls, it’s just that I can’t vouch for them.

Stall 137 was the one that was recommended by the said friend. You’ll notice that this stall has better hygiene standards as compared to the stalls surrounding it. There’s a handful of staff ready to attend to you and just like the stall at City Market, it’s usually busy. In fact, sometimes, if you go to buy meat from them at around 2:30 PM onwards, there’s a high likelihood that you won’t get any. I also noticed that the attendants from this stall don’t usually hawk their products like some of the other vendors. They usually have a steady stream of customers, many of whom I presume are returning customers. There’s an older man at the counter, who collects cash, a very friendly fella.

At City market, you’ll get slightly lower prices to the meat you get at your local butcher, but at Burma, you’ll get better prices than City Market. I suspect that the vendors at City Market get their products from Burma, I can’t verify though.

There have been stories in recent times that some of the vendors at Burma are selling game meat, donkey meat and suspicious meat overall. I believe these suspicions to be true. A while back, we needed some intestines, the older man at the counter enquired from some friends and found that it had run out. This was around noon btw, emphasizing more on the timing. We asked if he could recommend a nearby butcher. He was hesitant to do so and in his own words, “huwezi jua ni nini wanakuuzia”, translating to, “you can never know what it is that they’re selling to you”. So yeah, there is a very high chance that you might buy uninspected meat or game meat if you buy from just anyone, exercise high levels of caution when purchasing meat from this market. I would only go to stalls that have been recommended to me.

Burma is really a nice place to get your meat from, however, keep in mind that this is subjective advice. Although it is reliable, follow it at your own risk. Have you bought meat from Burma before? Tell us about your experience via our email or contact page at the bottom of this article or our social handles at the header of the website.

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