‘Chali Mwingine Fala’ Singer Lady Bee Describes Her Baby Daddy

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Lady Bee

Speaking during an interview, Gospel singer Lady Bee whose real name is Bernice Nduku spoke of her life journey starting from early pregnancy to where she is now.

The evangelist at first mentioned that she gave birth to a daughter at the tender age of 16 adding the struggles she had to endure as a young mother.

According to the Lady Bee, her younger self loved to explore and experiment with new things and in such situations, she was barely at home and that’s how she met a young man whom they ended up siring a daughter.

Funny enough, she never realized she was pregnant until her mother told her after she noticed her physical changes and when asked about her estranged baby daddy, she described him as ‘stupid and naïve’ just like she was at the time.

”Nilipatana tu na chali mwingine fala , unajua mkipatana mafala wawili mnatoa ufala, mnakua na cocktail ya ufala,” she said

Even though motherhood and parental responsibilities came early, Lady Bee gladly described her daughter as one special gift and one of the best things that happened to her.

Lady Bee

Sadly, in the African setting, the gospel singer faced a lot of stigma and shame related to single parenthood and early pregnancy as she was seen as a failure and embarrassment and most parents never wanted their children to be associated with her.

How did her parents take her pregnancy? The lass praised her parents for being her support system when it came to raising their grandchild.

However, the news was not taken well by her mother at first because she was disappointed in her for dropping out of school due to pregnancy. As for her father, he always encouraged her since the damage had already been done and couldn’t be reversed.

She added that raising her daughter singlehandedly has not been easy because her child’s demands continue to increase as she gets older.

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