Check this out! Crazy Kennar features Kalonzo Musyoka in a viral comedy skit

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Digital content creator Crazy Kennar , has featured Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka on his latest comedy skit.

The laid-back politician clearly outdid himself proving that he is also a guru when it comes to acting.

In the short video clip posted by the funnyman, the lawmaker perfectly showcases a betrayal role.

“Today I got an opportunity to do a video with His Excellency Kalonzo Musyoka and it was a very humbling opportunity as we interacted,” Kennar captioned the video.

In the comic clip, Kalonzo and Kennar acted as students where Kalonzo was called Man Stevo alongside their instructor Crotus, a  Real House Helps of Kawangware actor.

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The two are seen masterminding the lies they will tell their teacher once they get cornered for not submitting their assignment.

Kennar proceeded to explain to their teacher that they were revising for exams but in a new twist, Man Stivo was already in class and even submitted his assignment scoring 75 percent.

Sadly,  Kennar goes punished alone.

The short video has been made a banter online with many social media users equating the skit to Kalonzo’s political decision to that of Man Stevo, his character.

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Hannington Otieno Owino; “Kalonzo is okay. I wish he could have acted while carrying a watermelon, that fruit could have boomed in the market like nothing else. “I also remember him those days that election was tough to him, Wetangula and baba. They decided to go and have fresh air under a tree within South Africa. Probably Kalonzo can do better in this industry of acting.”

Ahmedin : “I love this for real. This is what we call being humble irrespective of your position or even status in life.Thanks Kalonzo Musyoka.”

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