Corazon Kwamboka reveals Funny details about her Relationship with Frankie Just gym it


In an online interview with the famous controversial blogger Edgar Obare, endowed socialite Corazon Kwamboka had a lot to say about her ongoing relationship with her current boyfriend and babydaddy Frankie just gym it.

Corazon Kwamboka;”I like Frankie because I can fart a really smelly fart in front of him and he does not judge me.”

After the dating rumours which have been going on ever since the two were spotted hanging out together, Kwamboka went on to further disclose funny details about her life with fitness trainer, Frankie.

When asked what she likes about her new lover, here’s what the highcourt advocate had to say;

“I like Frankie because I can fart a really smelly fart in front of him and he doesn’t judge me.”

Disclosed Kwamboka while Frankie sat beside her in their home, laughing his heart out.

The are undoubtedly one of the most adored couple in Kenya right now and they continue growing stronger despite the judgement they have received from their social media fans.

The online family was not very pleased by the idea of Frankie moving on barely a year after his break-up with YouTube vlogger Maureen Waititu with whom they have two lovely children together. They went on to further accuse Corazon of being the reason behind the break-up.

Corazon Kwamboka showing off her baby bump.

In the Interview video with Obare, miss Kwamboka decided to address this rumours, making it clear to her fans that the two had met some time after Frankie Kiarie alias Frankie just Gym it called it quits with his long-term baby mama Maureen Waititu.

“People are saying that I ruined his family. That is not true.” Narrated Corazon.

Her boyfriend further added;

“I know a lot of people think that but it is totally false. I mean, we met way after I broke up with Maureen, so that had nothing to do with it. It’s just that we found something and we never actually planned to fall into it.”

The two have been seeing each other ever since the month of July last year after their interest in fitness brought them together. Corazon was just getting her foot in the fitness world when she met the professional gym enthusiast Frankie.

They both had just broken up with their previous spouses and their loneliness brought them closer together.

“We met last year in July and we were both going through tough times in our lives. We were both out of relationships, it was a sensitive time. We just started talking, it was not as if we had planned to get into a relationship. She was entering the fitness world and I was in the fitness world. So I guess that we had so much in common that things just catapulted into something else.” Said Frankie.

The beautiful couple is now expecting their first child together which was a big joy to socialite Corazon who has been struggling with endometriosis for most of her life. The high court advocate disclosed the wonderful news to her fans and family through her Instagram account.

“If someone told Me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice, I‘d most definitely think they were deranged! But here you are. A pleasant and welcomed surprise. I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you and teach you EVERYTHING I know.”