Deadbeat dad?Kabi Wa Jesus exposed for neglecting 7-year-old daughter

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Kabi Wa Jesus accused of being a deadbeat father

Famous Kenyan YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus has found himself at the center of drama after an anonymous lady claiming to be a relative of his baby mama called out the vlogger on Edgar Obare’s expose platform.

According to the source of information who requested anonymity, Kabi married his current wife Milly Wa Jesus after a short-lived romance with a lady, and a child was sired out of the relationship.

Things got worse when the content creator was exposed as a “deadbeat father” who last saw his 7-year-old daughter when she was celebrating her third birthday.

The 31-year-old is reportedly declining calls from lawyers or his baby mama’s family members who have been requesting child support over the years.

My cousin is tender-hearted and would do anything to avoid shame or public scrutiny and cannot stand up for herself. She is shouldering the burden of raising the girl herself and we want Kabi to pay child support. Knowing my cousin, she has a tender heart and so soft-spoken that she can’t stand up for herself. Kabi alipe child support because my cousin is suffering alone…” Part of the allegations read.

When the tea-master requested for proof concerning her claims, a picture of Kabi in his humble days with an unidentified lady showed a happy couple smiling and holding a newborn child believed to be his own flesh and blood.

“We do not want his money, all we want is for him to take care of his fatherly responsibilities like clothes, fees. He should stop playing with God and do the right thing.” She added

Although the child’s identity was not shared with the public by Edgar, the controversial blogger said the minor looks like her alleged father Kabi Wa Jesus and they share most of their facial features.



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