Did Jimmy Gait Turn Down KShs 10M?

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Most people who know Jimmy Gait can remember his humble beginnings from his ‘Huratiti’ and ‘Muhadhara’ days. He’s really come a long way, both as a musician and as a person. Looking at him now, he isn’t the same person he was.

Speaking to Leah Ngari at an interview on TV47, Jimmy confessed that five years ago, he was faced with a tempting offer that seemed hard to resist. He was offered 10 million Kenyan shillings to drop the phrase Jesus from his songs. Jimmy says that the said people wanted him to take a more contemporary feel in his music instead of being a gospel musician to which he will be given the 10 million as compensation. The 10 million would be a downpayment, they would also do an album for him if he accepted the offer.

I remember meeting these guys who wanted to sign me and were promising me a lot of money. The only thing they wanted me to do is to do more of inspirational music and not to mention Jesus in my song.

For many, this would be an easy way out of poverty as the deal would have been too good to refuse. Fortunately, Jimmy stood by his faith and managed to turn down the offer after smelling a rat. He goes on to say:

Anybody who wants to get into music and especially during this time, if you go into it for the money, you might get disappointed because for me it took a couple of years before I started getting any money. What kept me going was the passion and vision that I had

Allegations of the music and entertainment industry at large harbouring demonic forces are not new. A few years back, conspiracies of the Illuminati and how they control the music industry ran wild but quieted down after a while but never went away. Every now and then you will hear stories of this or that musician practising funny rituals or practices.


Check out the interview below:

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