“Do you and stay unbothered!” Vera Sidika slams doubters!

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Renowned socialite Vera Sidika has come out to address critics and haters of her blossoming romantic relationship with coastal-based singer, Brown Mauzo, just a few days after she announced her first pregnancy. Taking to her Instagram page earlier today, Vera slammed her naysayers saying that they did not expect her relationship with the singer to last this long and only hoped that it was a publicity stunt.

Vera Sidika expectant with her first child. PHOTO; Courtesy


She went on to claim that this group of people pressured her to get pregnant just to validate her relationship, however, now that she is expectant, they are still the first people to cast doubt about her pregnancy.

Haters: They’re not dating it’s a publicity stunt. Let’s give them 2 months.
 Us: At 4 months.
Haters: Haiya they still together, let’s add them 1 more month.
Us: At 6 months.
Haters: Hamjaachana bado? Anyway, it’s still publicity we won’t believe until you get pregnant.
Us: We are expecting.
Haters: It’s fake. It’s a prank. She’s not pregnant, her belly button is not pointy & her nose is not big. Drop the new song now.
Us: Keep living our lives posting videos etc.
Haters: We still don’t believe it, only after the baby is born.
Us: Unbothered,”
posted Vera.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo. PHOTO; Courtesy

For this reason, she advised her followers to live their lives without having to listen to what others have to say about themselves.


God willing after baby has come they’ll say we adopted or got a surrogate. Moral of the story: Just do you & stay unbothered. When people doubt, they only give you more power to receive blessings & favor God. A doubter will not invest energy trying to ruin your relationship because in their head, they don’t believe it exists. Giving you more time and strengthen your bond. By the time they realize it, it’s too late & can’t do s**t,” she added.


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