“Don’t Be Shy Kidnap One Direction,” Fans Ask James Corden.

One Direction split might have caused the worst heartbreak amongst their fans as they’ve since hoped that the boy band would finally make up just like the Jonas brothers. The group which was born in July 23rd 2010 after auditioning for the X Factor as solo acts but on their second attempt at the show they were placed in a group, was made up of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.

They would go on to release 5 albums and 4 world tours before they parted ways. It’s believed the group split was thanks to Zayn Malik’s choice of leaving in March 2015 as five months later, in August 2015, the rest of the band members decided to pursue their solo careers disbanding the group.

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The Late Late Show host who brags close relationship with the band has however been on the receiving end as fans of one Direction have been pestering him to kidnap the band and force a reunion.  He however admits that he is never bothered to check comments of the show on the social media but this particular trend caught his attention.

“I make a point not to read any comments about myself or the show on social media, its just a little thing that I call self care… But after the past few months, there have been a trend that I have frankly been unable to ignore,” he said. 

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He however hilariously went on to reject the fans plea saying, ” the more people ask me to kidnap the boys the less likely I’m to do it, you are killing any element of surprise and surprise is the major factor when kidnapping someone.”

Further adding that he too would be happy with the boys reunion. “In all honesty nothing would give me more pleasure than to see the 1 D reunite, I think about it as much as you do. I love those boys with all of my heart and but honestly I simply can not commit a crime!” He said before sharing memories of the group in the show.

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