“Don’t send me gifts expecting free marketing in return!” Akothee warns.

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Controversial singer Akothee has sent a stern warning to business owners against sending her gift packages hoping that she appreciates their gesture by marketing their products. Her statement comes at a week when there has been an ongoing debate on influencer and business owners’ marketing relations sparked by Michelle Ntalami’s controversial collaboration demands.


In her Instagram post, Akothee stated that she does not entertain barter trade but rather value for money when it comes to her brand. She continued to warn that business owners, who pressure her into marketing their products which they were sent to her in form of gifts, only risk having her embarrassing them by throwing their products away.

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Akothee. PHOTO; Courtesy

Additionally, she explained that gifts are precious items to her and for that reason, she is never in a rush to open them.


If you send me gifts and start asking when I am posting. I will post throwing them away. That’s not a gift, that’s a trap. Pay for marketing & stop pretending sending me fake love. By the way, I take weeks before I open my gifts, it’s because, they are precious & I need an ample time. Zako zikija na rules, I will let you know that I can buy stuffs on my own. (utaskia wajinga wakisema, pride comes before a fall) Ala sawa. Yes I am rude, it’s okay. I just don’t want stupidity packed in the name of gifts,” warned Akothee.

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