Drama as Tiwa Savage caught on camera fighting fellow Nigerian artist Seyi Shay

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Drama as Tiwa Savage caught on camera fighting fellow Nigerian artist [Photo; Google]
Word on the streets says that  Nigerian singers Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay were embroiled in an altercation a few days ago arising from a four-year beef.

As observed in a viral video making rounds on Twitter, the songbirds physically clashed and wrangled in a public salon and it took a while to keep them calm.

Nigerian blogs report that Tiwa Savage has not been on good terms since 2016 when Seyi Shay was filmed saying she has never known Ms. Savage who has been in the music scene for more than a decade.

In a live interview  when asked about knowing Tiwa Savage,  she replied: “I don’t really know her.”

The beef continued to get worse in 2019 when Seyi Shay collaborated with Kenya’s Victoria Kimani and they both dissed Tiwa Savage in their cover songs of Kizz Daniel’s hit song “F you.”

Seyi Shay sang: “You say you are my sister, but you want to collect my lover. You know I’m not Savage, I pay my bills.”

Victoria Kimani was captured using Tiwa’s banner of “African Bad Gyal,” shaded the mother of one saying: “Grandma African bad gyal, turning 45 and still claiming bad girl. You can block me from a show, but you can’t block my blessings. We all know you selling p***y and it’s so depressing.”

Drama as Tiwa Savage caught on camera fighting fellow Nigerian artist [Photo; Google]
While the reason behind their beef is yet to be clarified by the singers, sources privy to the divas allege that the root cause of their fallout is Nigerian Crooner Wizkid, who reportedly got cozy with Victoria Kimani and Tiwa savage at the same time.

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The sticky situation between the two female singers was almost a thing of the past until they exchanged blows in a public beauty spa in Lagos, and a video has since caught the attention of netizens.

It seems that the two crossed shoulders at the place and Tiwa took the opportunity to remind Shay over the song that she did with Ms. Kimani throwing jabs at her.

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay Fight [Photo; Courtesy]
“Don’t come to me and think you can say hi with the dirty and disgusting spirit that you have. Do you think I have forgotten what you guys did? You did a whole song; you and that b*tch did a whole song. You went on interviews and said shit about me and I didn’t say anything,” Tiwa Savage told off Seyi Shay.

“I have never slept with your man. I have never taken a job from you. I have never gone on the radio to say sh*t. You don’t try and squash sh*t by saying hi,” Savage continued the confrontation and the singers exchanged words.

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The two were eventually separated by the staff although back and forth insults could be heard from afar.

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