Ebere Asonibe:The Young Nigerian Herbalist with a University Degree.

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 A young Nigerian Igbo lady by the name of Ebere Asonibe has shocked netizens after news that she is a university graduate who decided to become an herbalist because her ancestors insisted on her being one.

According to Asonibe, her life became miserable when she refused to inherit her great-grandmother’s occupation.

Despite having graduated with a second class upper degree from the university which could enable her to get a job, the young lady decided to be an herbalist to fulfill the wishes of her ancestors.

A source on Facebook identified as Anayo Nwosu claims that Asonibe had secured a job with a bank after applying for the position and successfully passing the interview. However, Miss Ebere turned the job offer down to pursue being an herbalist.

It is reported that Asonibe has been taken to see several men of God to deliver from the “Nagging interfering spirit” but it has been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, her parents did not want to seek a solution outside Christianity.

In the quest to save herself from the ancestor’s torture, Asonibe consulted the practitioners of Traditional African Religion known as Omenala Ndigbo who according to her ‘helped’ her find peace.

Ebere is now an herbalist using herbs and roots to cure different sickness in her hometown.

She also opened up further of how her ancestors will appear to her in dreams and show her herbs that will cure a particular disease and even tell her where to find them. She would wake up in the morning and go to the forest to find the herbs at the very place that was shown to her in the dream.

Being an herbalist or Dibia is part of the culture of the Igbo people and it is passed from one generation to another

Ebere believes that her circumstance is beyond her and that being a native doctor is her path in life.

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