Ebru TV Accused Of Giving False Hope To Kenyans Over TV Presenter Auditions

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A few weeks back, EBRU Television made an announcement to the public by seeking a TV presenter aged between 23-28 years with additional details required from the applicants.

“Are you young, opinionated, and eloquent youth between the age of 23 and 28 years? Ebru is looking for you for physical auditions. Auditions will commence as from 9;00 am for the first 30 people to arrive,” A beautifully written poster read in part.


In response to the widely circulated job advert, hundreds of young energetic Kenyans turned up for the interview with some arriving as early as 5;00 am and by the scheduled interview time, the media firm’s entrance was flocked with prospective candidates awaiting their chance to showcase their presenter skills.

Regrettably, Kenyans were shocked to learn that the exhausting auditions were allegedly a hoax and for formality purposes as the media house already had their preferred host in mind.

Well, it has emerged that after popular Kenyan influencer and YouTuber Joan Obwaka better known as Yummy Mummy left the station, her younger sister Jeusus girl was anticipated to take over the position and according to netizens, she showed up for the auditions intoxicated and confident in taking up the role.

“I would like to tell you guys that today is going to be my last day on the show on Ebru Tv. There is no drama about it. I made a personal decision to leave the show about a month ago and so I tendered my resignation and it’s mainly just because I would like to pursue other interests and other huge projects I have coming up in my life right now and I couldn’t do that at the same time remaining at Ebru.” Yummy Mummy announced

Jeusus Girl whose real name  is Dora  Obwaka, is set to host a round table talk show dubbed “Lets Talk” alongside Simply Ayuma and Lydia and she has been spotted on live television guest hosting and this has angered netizens who feel cheated by Ebru TV for leading them on and giving them false hope with the second round of an interview.

Reacting to the matter, some Kenyans openly ranted on social media while expressing their disappointment in the government for letting the youth down with scarce employment opportunities.

Others blamed Ebru Tv for taking Kenyans for a long ride while emphasizing how media houses give celebrities more priority when recruiting radio and Television personalities.

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