“Enough Is Enough!” Maureen Waititu Responds To Frankie!

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Maureen Waititu recently took to her Instagram to break her silence after ex-fiance and baby daddy, Frankie Kiarie accused her of denying him access to his kids on a social media post meant to celebrate his son Lexi’s birthday. This is not the first time the two have resorted to social media to address their parenting issues while blaming each other for failing to uphold their responsibilities.

Well, Maureen, this time around has strongly come out to deny the accusations leveled against her by Frankie pulling out necessary receipts to support her claims. She stated that she will no longer be protecting Frankie as he chooses to tarnish her name in the public and that she has had enough of the attacks!

My mantra has always been simple, I am comfortable with being the villain in the story that I know my truth. I have also been one the one to protect those I love but everything has a limit and my limit is now.

I will no longer participate in gaslighting campaigns at the expense of my mental health and that of my kids. But on the other hand, I have been gripped by fear of speaking out, fear of the unknown, and fear of stepping into the fighting ground but that also ends here right now.

A lot of people who I deeply respect have asked me not to respond to the constant set ups that my ex-partner has been putting me through for me to be constantly bullied on social media with facts that he knows are misleading and with the intention to hurt me, my kids and my brand but this time around, I am doing it…

She went on to reveal that her decision to break her silence was influenced by the fact that she had had enough and also because she chose to be the voice of other women who similarly to her, were going through the same situation as hers. Emphasizing that she may not be perfect but she has done everything by the book in their relationship.

After thinking through carefully about the entire picture, tioday I am here to say ENOUGH! ENOUGH for me and ENOUGH for all women and parents in general going through mental and emotional torment and hum iliation as they do everything right by themselves and those they love. 

There’s also quite a number of parents and children who have also reached out to tell  me their similar stories and how it has affected them and thus am not here for the pity party or to defend myself, but to be a voice to many women a nd children who don’t have a platform like mine, that is, by setting the record straight once and for all. 

I am not perfcet but I have done everything by the book and with sensitivity but all I have rfeceived from my ex partner is disrespect, despise and never in a million years did I think that I’d be constantly living in fear, uncertainty and judgement because of fabricated stories and false narratives about me, but here I am!

Noting that any parent’s responsibility is to protect their children and also provide for their needs, Maureen revealed that Frankie has been absent in his children’s welfare including, not financially supporting his kids since August 10th.

Please note, BEING A PARENT IS ABOUT PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN and according them their rights which include the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation, an adequate sta ndard of living and to protected from abuse and harm. 

As a mother who knows the pain of giving birth and raising them, I will protect my children, my peace and my mental and emotional health at whatever cost. 

I am also never going back to the dark place I was forced into a year ago and I pray that my story becomes a healing journal to those who have no idea on what to do in circumstances like mine.

Since the 10th of August, the father of my kids refused to support our kids, he threw us out of the home we were living in even after trying to get him to sit down with my lawyer to come up with a structure to raise our kids and now he has put a narrative about me denying him access to our kids on our so n’s birthday post which he knows is untrue. We moved out where we live and now he’s playing the victim.

She went on to add,

I have always respected Frankie but I am no longer going to protect someone who keeps exposing me to people who don’t even know half of the truth. This is wrong and it needs to end once and for all.

May this be a lesson to parentsd who won’t hold their end of the bargain, may it be a lesson to cyber bullies who gang up on things they do not understand, may it be a lesson to irresponsible journaling, may it be a lesson about toxic parenting and mental manipulation and may it be about standing up and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. 

From now on, I am Unmoved, Unshaken and Unbroken.  For me and my boys. 

I have put up a video on my youtube channel breaking down everything. 


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