Eric Omondi’s Studios Closed Down Days After Launch

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Eric Omondi

Barely a few days after launching, Comedian Eric Omondi may be counting losses after his studios dubbed Eric Omondi Studios was closed down on Monday.

According to reports, his establishment which is a creative space for artists was indefinitely shut down by officials from the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) citing that the studios which are located in Lavington is operating in a residential area.

However, the unfazed comedian has rubbish the threats and promised not to heed to the forthcoming pressure and intimidation from individuals who plan to cut his dreams short.

The setback prompted angry Eric Omondi to share a video of his predicaments where NMS has branded the “Eric Omondi Studios’ and Big Tyme Entertainment offices” as illegal requesting him to relocate his business to another location.

Eric Omondi’s studios closed down

He wrote;

“We woke up today at Big Tyme Entertainment to this ‘Illegal NMS, Site closed on 30/11/2020. They are saying we are not supposed to have a business in this area, while we have Coke Studios here, we have Azam TV, three schools here, offices but they are saying we are not supposed to have a business here because it’s a residential area. But there are mores residents than offices” said Eric Omondi.

The funnyman concluded his statement by saying he would not be moving out of the offices as the Lavington Area is more business-driven as opposed to residential.

Eric Omondi

He added;

“LONG POST!!! So today we woke up to this at Eric Omondi Studios. 

First and foremost we are not going anywhere, we will be here for a VEEEEEERY LONG TIME. Vijana wakilala wanahukumiwa, Wakiiba wanauliwa, wakiamka kufanya kazi ma Cartels wanawaziba…But this time they have touched a Live wire and they will BURN!!! They are playing with the wrong person. 

So am told there is a woman whom I have never met who is responsible for all this. I don’t know her but am told she even came to my studios during my launch. I dont know who has paid her but I want to tell her am giving her 24 hours to come clean this gate and send me a written APOLOGY. We have already received soo many requests from young people who we are already planning to do Audios and Videos for free to just support them. 

So they say that this place is only meant for residential but clearly from this video you can see there are more businesses than residents. WE SEEM TO BE A THREAT TO SOMEONE I DON’T KNOW WHO. BUT MY MESSAGE IS CLEAR “HATUTOKI N’GOOO” Mkitaka mjinyonge” wrote Eric Omondi.

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