Esther Musila’s daughter defends mother’s engagement with Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel proposes to his 51-year-old girlfriend Esther Musila. PHOTO; Courtesy

One of Esther Musila’s daughter’s Gilda Naibei runs a proposal show on YouTube where she interviews recently engaged couples to speak on their relationship.

In a recent episode, the lass featured her 51-year-old mother who has since faced a lot of criticism for dating a man nearly 20 years old her junior, but the two have maintained that age is nothing but number.

During the show, 51-year-old Musila narrated how she met with the singer and revealed that is very comfortable and vulnerable around him that she can fart and they would make a banter of it.

On the other hand, Guardian Angel narrated how he has asked Musila’s hand in marriage on her birthday and how he made sure that she got the biggest surprise of her life.

Esther told listeners, that she immediately called Gilda to tell her about the engagement surprise and on hearing the good news, she screamed with joy while congratulating her.

Musila’s daughter noted that all her two siblings are happy for their mother maintaining that she cannot wait for them to get married.

Gilda Naibei (left) with the newly engaged couple. Photo: Gilda Naibei The Proposal Show/YouTube.

Esther’s children are okay, us guys are happy. We can’t wait for this wedding, we can’t wait for them to be happy (in marriage), they are happy, have always been. As long as we are fine, everyone should be okay,” Gilda said.

Additionally, the digital creator asked Guardian Angel to involve them in the wedding even adding that she will outrightly be her mother’s maid of honour, without a doubt.

According to Musila, she accepted Guardian’s proposal because every day with him is special.

Guardian Angel proposes to his 51-year-old lover Esther Musila [Photo; Instagram]

“It is hard to get through to me, but he just cracked me. Every day with him is just special,” she shed light on accepting the proposal.

She went on to add that dating the gospel singer has changed her as she had learned humility and sharing.

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