Expensive Toys! Amina Abdi Gifts Husband PS5 For His Birthday.

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Recall a few weeks ago when radio personality Kamene Goro slammed men who play video games? In case you don’t, the Kiss FM presenter while on air, bashed men for using their spare time to play video games. According to her, she does not make sense of the reason behind full-grown men playing video games. 

How can you, mtu mzima, you are paying taxes, you have a job, you wake up in the morning dressed in a suit and tie, you go there and talk to other adults even the most affluent in Kenya or even in the world and then at the end of the day you go sit there and play games, video games,” She posed.

Kamene went on to reveal that such types of men are a no go zone for her! Likening men who enjoy gaming to children, Kamene said that she would never date a man who enjoys playing video games since they are many other leisure activities to choose from including reading a book.

For me, that is the number one deal-breaker. I know I am dealing with a child. Nijikute I am playing video games? I am a grown up. We would rather read a book,” Kamene added.

Her unsolicited opinion drew a conversation with netizens online with the majority of them disagreeing with her on that.

Well, just barely a month after Kamene Goro’s sentiments, media personality Amina Abdi Rabar has proved that she has no problem with her man playing video games after gifting him a PS5 for his birthday. John Rabar, Amina’s husband took to his Twitter to thank her for the expensive toy whilst showering her with praise for her thoughtfulness.

How about that. Ain’t she a beauty. Just received my perfect birthday gift from wifey @aminaabdirabar. Let’s goo!” wrote John Rabar while sharing a picture of the PS5.

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