Famous; A Breath of Fresh Air.

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I’ve just finished watching Famous on Showmax and I have to admit, I was blown away!

I don’t normally watch series when there are only a few episodes available, I like waiting for the complete season so I can just binge it all at once. For this, I decided to take a risk. The risk was well worth it, although the suspense is killing me.

This series feels like a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry in Kenya. It has some new faces; most notably Michelle Tiren as Nikita & Bryanna Wanjiku as Nyota, who are among the lead actors of the show. I have actually seen Michelle act before and, although she is a good actor, she outdid herself in this role. The casting was spot-on, watching the actors in their role felt like watching some kind of reality TV program, it just felt right! The production value and production quality were extremely high. The locations, set design (especially Magic’s office) felt like things you would actually find in real life as opposed to something that was just thrown together the previous night to facilitate the production.

Enos Olik, as director, really knew what he was doing. I can’t say I’ve watched a lot of his work outside music, but this being his debut in TV series, for me, he actually managed to hack it. Sometimes directors will force their hand too hard on the characters but not in this program. You can barely feel the director’s impact on the show, which means the director did an amazing job. Everything felt natural as if the characters were actually living their lives and not taking instructions from some higher powers, a testament to the great work that the director did.

There are very many other areas that need compliments in this production such as the camera work, lighting, editing and music production, however, there are also other areas that need to be critiqued. But this isn’t that kind of post. As a first impression, the positives far outweigh the negatives and, for a person who doesn’t usually watch this genre, I actually enjoyed it. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this program on a weekly basis.

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