Flaqo’s YouTube Channel Terminated Over Copyright Issues

Fast-rising Kenyan Youtuber Flaqo Raz is experiencing a major setback after his popular YouTube channel was terminated from the international video-sharing platform.

The comedian whose real name is Erastus Otieno has vowed to bounce back after many anonymous people have been reposting his work on the same platform which interfered with Youtube’s Copyright algorithms and deleted his original channel as well.

Through the platform, the young man shared his hilarious family skits where he has been acting as his mother, father, himself, and his sister since 2018.

According to Flaqo, most of his unique content was picked up from real-life situations and since the majority of his audience can relate, everything becomes fun and more interesting.

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Sadly, the funnyman says he was shocked to learn that his channel has been omitted when he received a message from Youtube stating the same.

According to Youtube, Flaqo’s channel is linked to others that we’re disabled for having copyright issues.

Through his, Instagram Erastus urged his fellow Kenyans to report any accounts that might have been created under his name illegally.

Flaqo revealed that he came to learn that all the copycat accounts have the exact similar content as his.

“At this point, it’s really exhausting. Please, report all channels that are not mine but have my content. I’ve worked so hard to be disrespected. Because I am just about to launch my show on YouTube, it’s maliciously taken down. I am not dropping the mic by the way, so if you maliciously want me out of the industry, sorry. We will be back with twice the energy. This war of kicking me out of social media every time is getting a little personal,” he wrote.

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Adding that even though his channel has been taken down, the comedian asserted that he is just getting started.

Following the termination of his channel, Kenyans showed support by sympathizing and encouraging him to keep going.

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