Former Women Representative Rachael Shebesh, opens up on her bipolar disorder

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Rachael Shebesh

Ex- Nairobi Woman Representative, Rachel Shebesh, has for the first time disclosed to the public her battle with bipolar disorder and depression, and how it had taken a toll on her life.

In a video published on her social media profile, the former legislator is seen talking about her mental health and how bipolar disorder controlled her life resulting in her depression.

In regard to her mental condition, Shebesh says her depression brought her family down to a point of losing her political willpower on the ground, as she was unaware of what was happening to her at the time.

The civil servant who currently works as the Chief Administrative Secretary to the Ministry of Public Service and Gender however noted that depression is a treatable condition adding that she currently on medication.

Rachael Shebesh opens up on her bipolar disorder

According to Shebesh, her mental health has gained stability and she has more control over it, thanks to her medication.

“I suffer from Bipolar but bipolar has been there for a longtime running my life without me having any control over it and in that process, I became very depressed. I’m talking about this because there could be someone here sitting and wondering what we are all doing here. Believe it’s not that something is wrong with you, you could be going through depression and depression is treatable and it has medication. I take medicine for Bipolar and I take medicine for depression because when I went into depression, I took my family down, I lost my strength on the ground as a politician just because I did not know, I was not sure and I was not ready. But the day I took control of my mental health, bipolar doesn’t control me, it’s just part of who I am,” narrated Rachel Shebesh.

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