Girl Dies After Downing Whole Gilbeys Bottle. (Debunked)

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In what came as a shock to many netizens, a young lady, who looks to be no more than 27 years old according to my own bias, is seen downing what is alleged to be a whole bottle of Gilbeys Gin. The videos do not show her actually finishing the bottle but according to reports, she allegedly downed the whole thing in one sitting within a short span of time (seconds according to their countdown).

In the video, we can see a friend pouring the drink down her mouth and others counting down how long it will take to finish the bottle. Within an hour, the lady is seen to be in what I can only describe as a catatonic state as she’s drooling and her eyes seem to have rolled back. I can only imagine the guilt and torment that must be haunting her friends seeing as they not only encouraged this behaviour but also aided and helped her in its pursuit.

The incident has and will obviously anger netizens since only a few months ago, a student at JKUAT died of her own vomit after a night of overdrinking. The video seems to be gaining traction and as of the publishing of this article, has not been confirmed definitively whether or not the lady is alive and well or not. We will keep you updated on the progress of this story.

It’s indeed sad that young people, in now a trend that involves ladies, try to show their prowess in downing as much alcohol as they can as fast as they can. But to what end? For what purpose? Some could blame the pandemic for keeping people starved of social gatherings but that’s not a good enough excuse.

My Own Take

Alcohol is not meant to be enjoyed like juice or water. There’s a subtle art to enjoying your drink. You drink it slowly and in moderation. Where’s the fun in getting drunk stupid? Where’s the fun in passing out? Where’s the fun vomiting and waking up with hangovers? Where’s the fun in dying?

We send our best wishes to the lady in question and her family and hope that she will make it to the other side of this.

In a much welcome fresh twist, it has come to light that the girl is alive and well as has been confirmed by her friend.

The girl is not dead
The girl is not dead

The facts of this story are still under scrutiny and this article will continually be updated whenever new information is uncovered.

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