‘God knows nimejaribu sana,’ Terence Creative addresses co-parenting drama with 1st wife

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Terence Creative addresses co-parenting drama with 1st wife [Photo; Google]
Kenyan Comedian Terence Creative has disclosed one of the major setbacks in his present life; which involves his previous marriage that ended bitterly and for the longest time, he has been unable to see and bond with his two children.

The funnyman has two grown daughters, aged 13 and  9 years, whom he shares with his ex-lover Eunice Waneta.

Terrence creative and daughters [Source; Facebook]
 During a Q and A session with netizens  on Instagram dating to Saturday, May 22, the entertainer opened up about only seeing his daughters at their learning institutions since he has no idea where they reside with their mum, A fan posed;

‘Does Milla get to talk to your other 2 kids?’

To which Terence responded,

‘Mwisho waliongea ilikua kitambo saaana. Milla hakua anajua kuongea poa. That’s one of the best moments of ever having all my kids together,yaani Mungu anajua nimejaribu Sana.’

Adding that his kids have not visited his premises for the last seven years except once, he has tried to seek custody arrangements from the courts but it has always backfired on him on several occasions.

“Okay Saawa, I only visit them at school coz mahali walikuwa wanaishi walihama and I don’t know where wanaishi saa hii,mmoja alichenjiwa shule yenye nilikuwa najua,saa hii sijui anasomea wapi,and the other anasomea Nakuru so nikitaka kumuona lazima niende huko,inauma saana hats baada ya kuwa a good dad and a provider bado nanyimwa shared custody,nimeenda kila mahali hadi children’s court but their mum and family frustrates their visit to my place, in 7 years wamekuja kwangu once and from there ni stress Kabisa kuwaona ,that’s why sipendi kuongelea hii story.’

Terrence creative addresses co-parenting drama [Photos; Instagram]
This comes just a few days after his ex-lover Eunice Waneta surfaced online with receipts claiming that Terence was an abuser in the course of their union and still remains deadbeat dad and had no food to feed her kids.


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