“God Still Heals!” Grace Kuria Testifies On Battling A Chronic Illness.

KTN news anchor, Grace Kuria, just recently opened up on battling a chronic disease that saw her struggle with mobility, forcing her to be in and out of work for a few months. She recounts how God came through in her time of despair having been told by doctors that the disease was incurable.

“So, people I’ve never really understood how everything happened when I was unwell, from being whole to relearning how to walk, stand, sit… To a diagnosis of ‘no cure’ and finally getting healed a day after the diagnosis. I’m simply here to remind you that God still heals,”  Grace posted on her social media.

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According to a source, she is said to have battled with the sickness silently from May to June and had to undergo physiotherapy to fully regain her mobility. She was admitted at Aga Khan Hospital when the disease became severe that was in June, seeing the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology alumnus, not celebrating her birthday as she was still hospitalized.

However, the lass did not sulk with her situation as she’d report to work, finding solace in her journalism passion. It kept her engaged and often dismissed any negative thoughts off her mind. She has since fully recovered from the illness and went on anchoring at KTN on the 1pm News.

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This revelation comes just months after Yvonne Okwara explained her absence from the screens was caused by a chronic back pain. On Friday, July 24th she had to undergo spinal surgery to heal.

“Hey guys. It’s been a while. Missed y’all… I’m alive and well! But I needed to take a step back and look after my mind and body. I’ve been dealing with 2 slip discs in my lower spine. Which have caused excruciating, chronic pain for close to 2 years now,” she revealed. She has however fully recovered since then and went back on TV.