“God will heal me.” Ruth Matete shares her grief experience

Ruth Matete and late husband

Former Tusker Project fame winner Ruth Matete has spoken about how she has been holding up since the demise of her late Nigerian husband Beloved John Apewajoye who succumbed to third-degree burn injuries from a gas explosion in their home.

In an emotional post explaining her current state of mind, Matete revealed that she has been going through a rough patch characterized by an emotional rollercoaster but she remains hopeful to get over the whole situation.

To make things worse, the pastor is expecting her first child her late husband who won’t be there to celebrate their child’s birth as they had hoped.

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According to Ruth, she sometimes feels her grieving is long overdue when mourning her late husband but she has made a conscious decision to toughen up.

The mother to be is hopeful that despite second-guessing her emotions which can be overwhelming at times, she trusts that the Almighty will help her get through the pain.

Adding that her focus is serving God until she heals completely, she is looking forward to a new heart and a refreshed state of mind in future.

Truth is some days are very hard. When death knocks at your door, there’s nothing you can do. Some days, voices in my head tell me am taking too long in this mourning phase. But I have made up my mind not to be hard on myself. I patiently wait for the day God will heal me totally. But the again, some days I doubt if this kind of pain can totally heal. So I ask God to give me a new heart instead. Till then, I’ll smile when God gives me a chance to. I will laugh when God allows me to. But above all, I will keep serving Him My hair is a gift from @ctylebycindy_glamhouse_hair_ke#Pstruthmatete #thejourneytomyhealing#GodcanGodwillGodwins,” wrote Ms Matete