“Gossip dies when it reaches a wise person’s ear!” Rev Lucy Natasha on rumors that she’s living a fake life.

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Flamboyant city preacher Rev. Lucy Natasha was recently badly exposed by unidentified sources on Xtian Dela’s Instagram stories for apparently living a fake lifestyle. According to some of the sources, Natasha preaches water while she takes wine, this, they supported by various claims that she is not as holy as she purports herself to be.

Rev Lucy Natasha

One claimed that Natasha abuses drugs and that she is also a lesbian who hides behind her ministry. Another one, who claimed to be well acquainted with the woman of God, claimed that Natasha has been sleeping around with married men and that she even takes the said married men to guest rooms for their shenanigans.

She smokes shisha and drinks. She’s a lesbian but uses men as a covering. So much to say,” wrote one of Xtian Dela’s source.

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“A few years ago, she used to work closely with a relative of mine, if I say who she will know it’s me, they were ministering together, and this relative of mine us a pastor and has a wife and they used to f**k, mbaka wakabustiwa kwa hotel room, she’s not all that she portrays holier than thou. Anakula wababa sana married or not. Yaani she’s hiding under that pastor title, wolf in sheep clothing,” another claimed.

Re. Lucy Natasha

Natasha would go on to be accused of living a lie in that whatever she portrays on her social media does not coincide with her reality. According to this source, the reverend does not own choppers as it is believed and neither is she wealthy enough to finance the “flamboyant ” lifestyle that she displays.

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As for the pictures, they usually go to hotels and take pictures then go away to eat at a restaurant close to Jivanjee gardens. They were even chased away from Four Points because of this habit. Those choppers are for prominent people. They dress up, go take pictures, then wanarudi home. It is all branding darling. So much to say, let me leave it at that,” an anonymous source told Xtian.

Rev Lucy Natasha

Faced with all these accusations against her, Rev. Lucy Natasha has the perfect response for her haters. She took to her Instagram to cryptically warn them against spreading false rumors about her.

2021 You need friends who will mention your name in a room full of opportunities not the ones who run you down with gossip. Gossip dies when it reaches a wise person’s ears. ‘Don’t spread with your mouth what your eyes didn’t see’,” the pastor shared.

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Check out screenshots below.


Rev Natasha exposé
Rev Lucy Natasha exposé
Rev Lucy Natasha exposé
Rev Lucy Natasha exposé


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