Hamisa Mobetto Comes Clean On Dylan’s Paternity And The DNA Scandal!

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Questions have been time and again raised concerning Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan paternity with a section of her fans claiming that Dylan is Jaguar’s son and not Diamond Platnumz’s as she claims. Hamisa and Diamond in the past were involved in a romantic relationship that saw the Salome vixen at the time, dragged all over social media since Diamond Platnumz had cheated on her then-girlfriend Zari Hassan with Hamisa. Their relationship would see the two sire Dylan and Tanzanian socials were ablaze claiming that the lass was lying on the bongo artist to ‘secure the bag’.

However, according to Hamisa, she claimed in an interview with Wasafi FM that Diamond was very confident that he had fathered her pregnancy. “I think out of anyone who was sure about his child was Diamond. Because before the pregnancy I had like three pregnancies which I lost in different circumstances. So Dylan’s was my fourth pregnancy and out of anyone else, Diamond was absolute that the pregnancy was his as he stuck with me until I delivered,”  Hamisa revealed.

She further went on to narrate of the occasion that they had to have DNA done on Dylan just to be certain since everyone was talking, something that Diamond was not pleased to take part in, but they did what they had to do. “Diamond told me ‘people are talking too much and I know it’s not right but I want us to get a DNA test’ to which I willingly accepted the request that he sent via text,” she said. She noted that Diamond ghosted her for a while and only resurfaced with an appointment which he first bailed on before the second time when they had the DNA finally taken. According to her the four samples that each of the parties involved submitted all came positive proving that Diamond Platnumz was indeed Dylan’s father.

She also made it clear that she is the loyal type and could not go behind Diamond when the two were together since that’s not her trait. “I can’ not date two people at the same time. I have never! I have to date one person until we break things off and I completely heal, then I can move on to another relationship. I am always faithful!” Hamisa Mobetto added.


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