“He is not Someone I would Mudsling” Jowie’s Wife Eleanor Reveals in an Emotional Post.

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Jowie Irungu’s wife Eleanor Musangi has taken it to social and posted an emotional message promising him to be by his side to the end.

Her message comes after Jowie’s ex-fiancée Jacque Maribe called him out for lying about their relationship.

Jowie’s life took an absurd turn following the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani; a case in which he is the main suspect.

In a post Musangi wrote;

“There are times I look at you and literally cry…not because of anything wrong but because I admire the resilience and courage you take in-spite of what you have been through. They don’t know and they don’t need to. I’ve not met anyone with gratitude and faith in God as you are…But I swear by the Living God that I serve –we serve…He will vindicate you open through the eyes that have sneered at you, the lips that have gossiped and insulted you, the hearts that have despised you, feet that have rushed to witness your fallen days and hands that clapped and wrote about you –everyone and everything will bear witness to what the mighty God will do upon your life. He will put a crown of honor and glory upon you for the sake of his Holy name. He will rebrand you so good that they won’t be able to recognize who you are”

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In an extension of the post, Ms. Musangi clarified that they broke up before Jowie was arrested and he is not someone that she would mudsling. She further revealed that after the case is over they will do an exclusive revelation of the truth. She stated that it was better for people to find out the truth from the horse’s mouth.

Jowie is the biological father of Eleanor’s daughter who has been featured in his new gospel video ‘Nishilike’.


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