“He Left Me 2 Months Into My Pregnancy,” Comedienne Zeddy Opens Up On Depression!

Former Churchill show comedienne Zainabu Zeddy opened up about her struggles in life that led her into depression. Talking to NTV’s Unscripted with Grace Msalame, Zeddy who has seen many of her colleagues and friends get help from the public by telling their stories as they are even though the truth at times created a stir with some celebrities, narrated how she lost her second child on delivery.

I was expectant with my second child and time was due. I decided to go to the hospital. Upon reaching there, I was taken directly to the delivery room. When the baby was born, it did not cry. I saw the team looking at each other. The doctorthen took the baby and put him in a box and then using his foot pushed towards the nurse. He asked me ‘will you carry it home?’

She went on to reveal that she parted ways with her baby daddy just two months into her third pregnancy, who left her for another woman. This is despite the fact that the two had just reunited after a year and the fact that she fell pregnant soon after their reunion. Zeddy would also claim that when the baby daddy moved out, he left with some of their properties leaving her with only a microwave to survive with.

We reunited with my baby daddy after a year, during that time I fell pregnant with our third child. When I was two months into the pregnancy my husband left me and the children to go live with another woman.

At that time, my comedy job was not doing so well. When he moved, he left with some property and even carried the gas cylinder with him. I reached out to my friends to help out but they did not.  I was left with microwave where I would warm tea and cocoa which was what we survived on.


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