“He was already seeing Kajala lying to me that she’s his sister!” Harmonize’s ex-wife details.

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Singer Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah Michelotti has finally banked on her promise to reveal the real reason behind her break up with the bongo superstar. Harmonize and Sarah called off their union in December 2020 with Harmonize initially claiming that Sarah dumped him on realizing that he had sired a child during their marriage with another woman. He would go on to reiterate his claims recently during an interview with a Tanzanian media.

Harmonize with Sarah Michelotti

However, speaking during an interview with Millard Ayo TV Sarah Michelotti who is looking forward to having their divorce finalized has come out to disclose that the two had already separated prior to his confession about siring a child outside wedlock. Contrary to Hamonize’s earlier claim that he was forced to start seeing other women after Sarah Michelotti left for Italy and stayed there for up to 3 months due to their family issues, Sarah has refuted the claims stating that their irreconcilable differences during their relationship are what forced her to take a break and leave for Italy.

Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah Michelotti

On the day he passed the baby, we had officially separated. In 2018, we fought and separated for three months, I went to Italy,” Sarah Michelotti narrated.

According to Sarah, their issues started in March last year when she started noticing odd behaviors with Harmonize. She claimed that he would frequently pick fights with her just to make an excuse to sleep outside their matrimonial home. Furthermore, Sarah revealed that at the time, Harmonize who just recently introduced his “new “girlfriend Frida Kajala, was already seeing the actress but lied to her that Kajala was his sister.

Harmonize with his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti

Everything started last year March. Harmonize changed a lot, he used to leave me alone at home and sleep out at night, he would pick fights just not to come back home. July, I went to Italy and he was not checking up on me,” disclosed Sarah.

She continued to add,

He started dating Kajala in October 2020 and I came back back to Tanzania in November, I asked him about the relationship but he said she is his sister and he couldn’t date her because she is old and they were just friends.”

Harmonize with Frida Kajala

Insisting that she has no beef with Kajala but her cheating ex-husband, Sarah said,

When I started a relationship with him and he was also dating Kajala because I saw the messages. I don’t have a problem with Kajala but with my husband, because he lied.”

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