Here’s why Sean Andrew will not be having children!

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The former president Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew recently revealed that he is not looking to have children of his own any time soon. Responding to a fan during an Instagram Q&A, the handsome-looking man insisted that he was not ready to sire kids, not now not ever, even though he noted he does not hate children.

According to him, children are adorable and serve as a legacy but for him, he is just not up for having children. He also revealed that he was open to marriage but that does not translate to him wishing to have children in the marriage.

I am open to marriage but I am still not having children. I have nothing against children to be honest. They can be adorable and a nice legacy to leave behind but I do not want children for my own personal reasons,” Sean Andrew responded on Instagram.

Sean also went on to disclose how he had been dealing with his mental health issues. Notably, Sean Andrew has always been open about his struggle with depression and how it was affecting his social, personal and mental state. However, it seems that he is doing just fine going by his response during the Q&A.

Responding to a fan who had enquired on how he was fairing with his mental health, Sean Andrew stated that he was managing day by day.

Check out screenshots below.

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