“How did I fall for this trap?” Akothee reminisces how Trace Mziki tricked her into an interview that never aired!

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Popular musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee recently narrated how Trace Mziki tricked her into an interview a few years ago in France that never aired to her surprise. Sharing her ordeal on her Instagram page, the singer revealed that she was forced to travel in economy class in an effort to avoid her then-boyfriend who happened to be on the same plane as her and since he never supported her music career deeming it as a time-wasting venture, Akothee did what she had to do.

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According to Akothee, the music interview would have helped her become the face of Trace Mziki, however, during the interview, the interviewee did not focus on her music but on her personal life. She went on to explain that despite all the efforts including risking her relationship and all the money she had spent to finance the trip, the interview never aired.


Furthermore, Akothee explained that she could not follow up on the interview as she suffered a miscarriage during a trip to Switzerland. She added that that was not the only weird interaction she had with the lady in charge of her interview on Trace Mziki saying that she learned her lesson the hard way.

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