“I broke up with him after learning he was expecting a child with Sage!” King Kaka’s wife reveals.

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Switch TV presenter and the wife to celebrated Kenyan rapper King Kaka has opened up about how she once dumped the rapper in the past after he cheated on her and sired a child with vocalist Sage Chemtai. Speaking during a recent interview with Radio Jambo’s  Massawe Japani, Nana Owiti who was not yet in the limelight as opposed to her boyfriend and Sage back then disclosed that she was deeply hurt on learning he was cheating on her and expecting a baby with another woman when she was also expectant with his baby.

Nana Owiti with King Kaka

It was painful to learn of the new, of course. It was like almost an ultimate betrayal. We actually broke up for seven months before getting back together,” explained Nana Owiti.

Nonetheless, she took him back after he apologized to her acknowledging that everyone sins differently and that she decided to give their relationship a second chance as he had owned up to his mistakes.

Nana Owiti with King Kaka


The only reason I stayed (in the relationship) after what he did, is because of what transpires after. He said sorry. We all have baggage which vary from one person to another, his mistake was cheating on me. I had my faults too. I came to him carrying my baggage as well,” revealed the mother of two.

During the interview, she continued to reveal her relationship with her step-daughter. According to her, she could not publicly discuss the child, however, she revealed that they had put their differences aside and agreed on co-parenting for the sake of the child’s well-being. She continued to add that they avoid arguments as it may affect the baby.

Nana Owiti

I can’t speak much about the baby but we are co-parenting. You know co-parenting is when two homes decide to work together for the better of the child. Ata kama hamsikilizani mnadecide. We have never argued as conflict harms the baby,” she said.

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