“I Didn’t Have A Father Growing Up” Mammito Reveals

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Mammito Eunice

“Her mum gave birth to her at 15 years raised by a single mum in Africa’s largest slum- Kibera, Nairobi so tough environment. she had to leave it to stay with her grandmother in Murang’a and she has never met her father, & doesn’t know how it feels to have one.” …

Pursued a diploma from MKU in Community Development now Africa’s most-followed comedienne on IG, with over 1 million followers & using her platform in empowering over 100,000 ghetto girls through the Kibera creative arts (KICA) community-based organization.” Mammito  Wrote on Instagram.

To miss out on a good upbringing and having a family to look up to is a real down caster to one’s perspective of a better life, but the above post shared by Mammito quite recently has been a big shocker to all and sundry, considering that not only was it Mammito Eunice’s deep secret, but that it reveals the reality of how much many of our showbiz favorites do go through great lengths to make us happy, when in a real sense, have a greater lot of emotions to fix.

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Apparently, Kenya and East Africa’s most celebrated comedian Eunice Wanjiru Njoki alias Mammito Eunice, revealed how she missed out on having a role model to look up to since she was raised single-handedly by her mother in the hostile hoods of Kibra while she was only fifteen. Obviously, while still a small girl, she had to leave Nairobi for Muran’ga, where she stayed with her grandmother.

Fortunately, she was able to get to university, having finished her studies at Mt. Kenya University in 2015, but that’s where she discovered her love for stand-up comedy. Even with all that passion and talent, she couldn’t quite make an impression only after several failures, including the very comedy industry that accepted her Churchill Show.

Nonetheless, netizens were quick to congratulate her and encourage her to keep up with the spirit, even going as far as congratulating her on the upcoming relationship with fellow comedian Eddie Butita, and in as much as many view her success as self-empowering, the story also explains why she keeps off trolls and critics. For her and her comedy, she’s giving the ghetto voice the stage to thrive.

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“Keep winning girl. I also don’t know how it feels to have a father. But am grateful to God for my mum. Appreciate her always. It means a lot to all the single and hardworking mums.” One @ngacimike wrote.

Hers is just but a story based on how much a lot of those around us deserve respect; those who could be leading unhappy lives themselves but make it their goal to make others happy.

Mammito Eunice

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