“I don’t know what caused my depression!” Former Tahidi High actress Miss Morgan.

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Actress Angel Waruinge who is popularly known as Miss Morgan from her role on the TV show Tahidi High has reflected on her battle with depression. Speaking during a recent interview with Massawe Japani, the actress blamed the depression on most individuals on their unpreparedness when it comes to dealing with fame and money.

Miss Morgan

I honestly don’t know what caused my depression. I just felt the need to come out and speak on my struggle with depression and also alcoholism, especially in our industry. Let me speak for myself, I think most celebrities fall into depression number one because they are not prepared for fame. When you are famous you become an easy target and people will judge you for the simplest thing. So you end up living as per the expectations of society whilst trying to be yourself. Because of this you go home and put down the mask you have been wearing the whole day to fit in and yet that is not who you are… I am not Miss Morgan, I am Angel Waruinge, those are two very different people,” Angel explained.

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Miss Morgan with a former colleague on Tahidi High; OJ.

She went on to insist on the difficulties she has experienced in trying to separate her fame from her reality saying,

Depression for me was empty. And before anything Massawe I want you to stop calling me Miss Morgan. I am not that perfect woman you see on TV I’m probably perfect in my own way as Angel. For the longest time, I had to try to separate those two people, living as Angel and as Miss Morgan and it affected me a lot. Expectations from so many people.”

Miss Morgan

During the interview, Miss Morgan also explained her massive weight loss revealing that she had wanted to lose weight for the longest time as it affected her self-esteem and even costed her jobs.

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My weight made me have very low self-esteem and not only that, it cost me so many job opportunities. I was plus-size, light-skinned with a babyface, that didn’t favor me,” she added.

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