“I First Wore Boxers In Form One,” Jalang’o Reveals.

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Kiss 100 presenter, Jalang’o, revealed a quite interesting story about his past. In a recent morning show with his Co host Kamene Goro, the pair discussed one of the best gifts they have ever received from their parents.

Kamene, who once revealed that her father gifted her a Mercedes Benz for joining University, was quite shy to talk about it as she responded to Jalang’o who had enquired what model it was. ” Must we get into this? It was a Mercedes C180,” she replied before Jalas interrupted her surprised at the response, “wow, so your daddy bought you a Mercedes.”

He went on to narrate how his dad bought him his first boxers when he was joining highschool. “I was bought for boxers when I was going to form one. I used to wear underwears, the real suruali suruali. When I was going to form one he thought this is the time to chapa me an upgrade of four cotton boxers. That was my first time to wear boxers,” he said.

Jalang’o who rose to fame with his role in Papa Shirandula TV show, has in the past talked of the hardships he went through before fame. Revealing that his father couldn’t afford his University fees which made him stay at home for a while before he decided to take action for himself.

“When I finished form four, my dad could not afford school fees. I used to feel embarrassed as everyone else had gone to Nairobi to join campus. I would sit in the house and cry. One day I just woke up and said kama mbaya mbaya. I had no option, whatever it took I was determined to succeed,” he revealed in a past interview. Jalang’o has since grown to be a huge name in the entertainment industry, from radio presenting to owning his own online TV shows on YouTube where he hosts a couple of celebrities every week.

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