“I fought Samidoh because he called me Muhiki wa mikosi!” Reveals Karen Nyamu.

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Controversial city politician Karen Nyamu has come out to clear the air on why she picked a fight online with Samidoh and his wife Edith Nderitu a few days ago after confirming Samifoh to be the father of her son. Speaking during an interview with media personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o she refuted claims that there was any bad blood between her and her baby daddy’s wife.

Karen Nyamu

According to her, they are cordial at least to her understanding going further to reveal that she helped Edith secure a 9 million tender that she is still servicing to date.

How can I hate someone I helped? I do not hate Samidoh’s wife. I helped her secure a Kshs 9 million tender which she is still servicing. We sat down with Ssmidoh’s brother and together we took her through and she succeeded,” explained the mother of two.

Samidoh with his wife Edith

She went on to reveal that her social media rant was a result of anger caused by Samidoh and not his wife as purported. According to her, she explained that she never intended to taunt Edith with her video post of the Mugithi singer babysitting their child as she had been told that his wife was aware of their situation. However, she shared the videos just to get back at Samidoh for calling her names on his Instagram stories. Furthermore, Karen disclosed that she is not in communication with Samidoh at the moment.

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh

Posting the video was not about fighting Samidoh’s wife, if it was, the fights would have started in 2019. I was told she knows about the situation. He knows we were fighting because in his Insta stories he called me ‘muhiki wa mikosi’ or something like that. It was an exchange. There was anger, we are not communicating,” Karen Nyamu told Jalang’o.

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