“I hate the title baby mama!” Bahati’s ex, Yvette Obura reveals

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Yvette Obura

Yvette Obura, a businesswoman and the mother to Bahati’s first child, has warned people against identifying her as a mere baby Mama.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the mother of one explained how she loathes the title because she has an identity and a personal image and she doesn’t have to be affiliated with her ex-partner all the time.

Obura added that a baby mama title is a form of disrespect to an individual.

Yvette Obura with Mueni Bahati

“I hate the name baby mama, I have an identity”-Yvette.” Is the caption Massawe Japanni used to echo, the businesswoman’s thoughts on the title through an Instagram post.

Speaking as the worst troll encounters, the mother of one shared her experiences mentioning that netizens once made fun of her weight.

“The worst was when I was super heavy and it was the first time I appeared on ‘Being Bahati’ reality show. I was super big, 98kgs.”I lost 20kg in a year through intermittent fasting. The longest I did was a week with just taking water. Now I just do it to maintain my weight.” She explained.

Soon after, many netizens shared their thoughts concerning Obura’s “baby mama” sentiments.

Fred Peker: ”But are you not a baby mama for someone somewhere. Or what kind of mother do you want to be?”

Ruth Kigamwa: ”She sounds so mature, I love her already.”

Maya Khaindi: ”This one must be Bahati’s life in private, but who knows.”

Ben Ule Mhumble: ”We did not send you in the first place, baby Mama!”

Mugambi Mureithi Bonface: ”Be proud there is a mother attached to the name or resolve everything so that you can be called a wife. Live life within your speed governor limits.”

Nenny Koech: ”She should thank Bahati for being the best and for giving her a child. If it would have been someone else, who is not Bahati, we would never have known she even exists.”

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